Board of Directors

Aristides J. Pittas


Aristides J. Pittas has been a member of our board of directors and our Chairman and CEO since our inception on May 5, 2005. Since 1997, Mr. Pittas has also been the President of Eurochart S.A., our affiliate.

Eurochart is a shipbroking company specializing in chartering and selling and purchasing ships. Since 1997, Mr.Pittas has also been the President of Eurotrade, a ship operating company and our affiliate. Since January 1995, Mr. Pittas has been the President and Managing Director of Eurobulk Ltd., our affiliate. He resigned as Managing Director in June 2005. Eurobulk is a ship management company that provides ocean transportation services. From September 1991 to December 1994, Mr.Pittas was the Vice President of Oceanbulk Maritime SA, a ship management company. From March 1990 to August 1991, Mr.Pittas served both as the Assistant to the General Manager and the Head of the Planning Department of Varnima International SA, a shipping company operating tanker vessels.

From June 1987 until February 1990, Mr. Pittas was the head of the Central Planning department of Eleusis Shipyards S.A. From January 1987 to June 1987, Mr. Pittas served as Assistant to the General Manger of Chios Navigation Shipping Company in London, a company that provides ship management services. From December 1985 to January 1987, Mr. Pittas worked in the design department of Eleusis Shipyards S.A. where he focused on shipbuilding and ship repair. Mr. Pittas has a B.Sc. in Marine Engineering from University of Newcastle M Upon-Tyne and a MSc in both Ocean Systems Management and Navel Architecture and Marine Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.